Kerri is a child of God, wife, mother, speaker, and entrepreneur, who is committed to using her hurts and hardships to bring others hope and healing. With a background in the oil and gas industry, Kerri has a head for business and a heart for helping others.

After the loss of her son, Johnny, in 2016, Kerri started a nonprofit, 501(c)3 organization, LiveLikeJohnny, to support the engagement of at-risk, underserved and often times overlooked young people who have the potential for personal and professional success. This organization helps children in a variety of ways including, but not limited to, providing college scholarships to deserving recipients and FFA jackets to individuals who cannot afford them.

In 2017, Kerri was faced with an important career decision – go back to the oil and gas industry, which required her to be gone from her family, or pursue a different career. It was then that Kerri decided to step out in faith and began Heart InSouls. Through the help of supportive mentors and friends, and God’s daily guidance through His Word, Kerri faithfully proceeded one step at a time. The result? A unique company was born; more importantly, a platform for people to share their stories of standing on His promises was formed.

Kerri maybe small in stature, but through God’s strength, she is a mighty force. She boldly shares her story with audiences across the world in an effort to demonstrate God’s ability to truly work all things together for His good. Romans 8:28