Standing on His Promises

Heart InSouls are for the Believer who knows the power of God's word and wants to literally stand on His truths.

Each insole is imprinted with a scripture, designed to serve as a daily reminder of Gods promises.
  • His Promises, Our Commitment Through relentless faith, commitment, and love— Heart InSouls mission is to design footwear products that supports our customers with a foundation of comfort and stability, as does the Word of God.
  • The Vision The vision for Heart InSouls is to empower, connect, and support people across the globe with a comforting reminder of God's promises.

  • The Heart and Soul Kerri Ledoux created InSouls during a time of intense grief, pain and darkness, following the loss of her son, Johnny, in a car accident. During these times, she turned to scripture and God’s promises to guide her.

Our Products

A Letter from the Heart

Thank you for supporting our mission and our products.
After my son’s death, I heard of several Christian women
who wrote notes in their shoes, which gave me the
inspiration. My faith in Jesus Christ is what sustains me
and keeps me walking. I want to be constantly reminded
of the promises of God and stand on them daily. I trust
you, too, can find the comfort, peace and power that
comes from a daily walk in God’s heart and our insoles.

Kerri LeDoux